Auto Warranty

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What We Insure

Usage &Storage - Vehicles insured in our program must be used on a limited basis consistent with the operation of something valuable, such as club functions, exhibitions, organized meets, tours and limited pleasure driving.

Storage - Collector vehicles must be stored in a fully enclosed and locked garage when not in use.

Regular-Use Vehicles - All household drivers must have a regular-use vehicle to use for daily driving. Each driver must also maintain regular-use insurance in his or her name.

We provide full insurance coverage for collector vehicles that are owned for limited pleasure driving, car shows, and club events. We do not insure regular use vehicles driven on a daily basis. We cover:

Antique and Classic Vehicles
Exotic and Special Interest Vehicles
Motorcycles (Antique and Classic)
Fire Trucks
Military Vehicles
Modified Vehicles (Street Rod and Customs)
1970’s and Early 1980’s Vehicles

What We Do Not Insure
Example below the following types of vehicles we do not offer an insurance:

Inexpensive home-built kit cars that do not replicate a classic vehicle
Less than 25-year-old trucks and utility type vehicles
Vehicles customized for "off-road" usage
Less than 25-year-old luxury cars that have been "retired" to infrequent use
Inexpensive 4 door sedans from the mid-1970s and newer
Vehicles used exclusively for commercial/business purposes
Regular-use vehicles driven on a daily basis
Motorcycles that have been custom built from one-of-a-kind fabricated parts.
Motorcycles that have been modified for increased performance and horsepower or have had structural         changes done to the frame.