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Liability Per Event Limits:

bullet   $1,000,000 - Each occurrence
bullet   $1,000,000 - Products / Completed Operations
bullet   $1,000,000 - Personal Injury & Advertising Injury
bullet   $2,000,000 - Aggregate limit for the duration of the event
bullet   $1,000,000 - Host Liquor Legal Liability
bullet      $100,000 - Premises Rented To You

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Also Included:

bullet   Contractual liability provided
bullet   Premises Owner, Co-Promoters & Sponsors named as additional insured at no extra cost !
bullet   Multiple blanket additional insureds
bullet   Separate limits for personal injury liability and advertising injury liability
bullet   Commercial liquor liability available
bullet   Automatic additional protected person status for Lessors and Volunteer Workers
bullet   Employee and Volunteer injury that results from failure to provide first aid
bullet   Set up and take down (day before & day after).
bullet   Terrorism coverage
bullet   Limits available to $11,000,000

Optional Coverage

bullet   Participant Legal Liability Coverage
bullet   Liquor Legal Liability
bullet   Third Party Property Damage
bullet   Participant & Spectator Medical Benefit Coverage
bullet   Event Cancellation
bullet   Rain & Weather Insurance
bullet   Rented Equipment, Props, Sets & Wardrobe
bullet   Flood & Earthquake
bullet   Automobile
bullet   Boiler & Machinery
bullet   Directors and Officers
bullet   Umbrella Policy
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