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Workers' Compensation Insurance

Get Free Workers' Comp Insurance price quotes

Worker's Comp coverage is REQUIRED by California State Law.

Workers Compensation Insurance protect employers from lawsuits resulting from workplace accidents covers medical expenses and lost income of your employees if they are injured in the course of performing work-related activities. Workers compensation insurance covers workers injured on the job, whether they're hurt on the workplace premises or elsewhere, or in auto accidents while on business. It also covers work-related illnesses.

Ancona Insurance understands the special needs for work compensation insurance of businesses and tailors our services to meet your workers compensation insurance needs.

• Get rate quotes on insurance plans for small, medium and large employee groups
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Why do I need it?

California law REQUIRES every employer to carry Worker's Comp insurance on their employees, even if they are part-time. Employers who do not comply with these regulations can face heavy fines and penalties, which can be detrimental to your business.

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Artisan Contractors Insurance
Air Conditioning Installation
Air Conditioning Service
Alarm System Installation
Appliance Installation
Appliance Service
Carpentry Contractor
Carpet Cleaning
Carpet Installation
Ceiling Installation
Chimney Sweeps
Concrete Flatwork Installation
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Painting Contractor
Electrical Contractor
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Carpentry Contractor
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Plumbing Contractor
Sign Manufacturing & Installation
Swimming Pool Contractor
Tree Trimming Contractor

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Car Washes
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Car Wash
Convenience Store
Full Service Car Washes
Hand Car Wash
Muffler Shops
Oil & Lube Shops
Transmission Shops
Tune-up Shops

Use Car Dealer
Car Dealer
Gas Station
Rental Car

Miscellaneous Auto Shops
Alarm Sales Shop
Hand Car Wash
Glass Sales & Installation Shop
Stereo Sales Shop
Upholstery Shop
Window Tinting Shop
Auto Accessory Store

Real Estate and FinanceInsuance
Real Estate Broker
Real Estate Agents
Mobil Store

Manufacturing Insurance:
Clothing Store
Perfumes and Cosmetics Manufacturing
Cut stone and stone products Manufacturing
Electroplating Manufacturing
Sawmills Manufacturing
Planing Mills Manufacturing
Millwork Manufacturing
Fabricated Structural Metal Manufacturing
Signs Store
Advertising Company

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Antique Stores
Appliance Stores (Household)
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Beauty Shops
Billiard Parlors
• Book Stores

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Candy Shops
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Greeting Card Shops
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Pawn Shop
Mail Box Store
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Furniture Store
Internet Retailers
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Wallpaper Store
Pet Supply Stores
Photo Studios
Rug Stores
Alteration Store
Shoe Stores
Sporting Goods Stores
Stationery Stores
Tailor Shops
Tobacco Store
Convenience Store
Cigarettes Store
Computer Store
Upholstery Shops
Vacuum Cleaner
Video and Pinball Arcades
Video Rental Shops
Junk Yard
Yogurt Shops
Retail Trade Insurance:
Grocery stores
Hardware stores
Variety stores
Furniture stores
Floor covering stores
Drug stores
Motor vehicle stores

Restaurants & Food Services Insurance
Neighborhood Taverns
Cooking Tavern
Jukebox Music Bar
Sports Bars
Sports Bars with Pool Tables
Sports Bars with Video Games
Sports Bars with Alcohol
Sports Bars with Beer
Night Clubs
Night Club with Alcohol
Night Club Live Entertainment
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Strip Club
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Pizza Restaurant
Liquor Sales
Meat store
Seafood Store
Produce Saless
Specialty Items
Video Rentals Stores

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Surgery Office
Medical Office
Dental Office

Dry Cleaners & Coin Laundries
Dry Cleaners
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Beauty shops

  Hair Dresser Solon
• Eating places
Hotels and motels
Business Services
Building Cleaning
Building Maintenance
Golf Courses
Management Services
Computer Programming Services
Computer Programming Service
Computer Repair Services
Pest Control

Wholesale Trade Insurance:
Brick Stone
Industrial Equipment Store
Lumber Store
Plywood Store
Millwork Store

Dispensary Insurance
Marijuana Dispensary Insurance