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What is Non-Owner policy?
Non-owner coverage provides auto liability protection for people and their spouses who donīt own cars but feel they need a policy in their own name. A non-owner policy may also include uninsured/underinsured motorist or medical payments coverages.

The reason drivers buy this kind of insurance may include:
Frequent use of rental cars. It may be cheaper to have your own policy than to repeatedly buy the liability insurance sold by rental car companies. A person with named non-owner coverage also should buy a collision damage waiver from the rental car company to protect the rented car. This is because named non-owner coverage does not pay for damage to the rented car itself. Regular borrowing of cars from friends or relatives. They may want the comfort level provided by an extra layer of insurance on top of their own.
If you don not have any car or motorcycle and you need:

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Non-owner insurance coverage does not include collision or comprehensive insurance, which means that non-owner insurance coverage will not cover the repair or replacement of the policyholder’s own car if damaged or stolen.

Keep in mind that non-owner insurance coverage always equates to an “excess” of the liability coverage originally purchased by the owner of the vehicle. In other words, if you have an accident the owner’s liability insurance pays initially, until the amount reaches the limit of the policy. Named, non-owner insurance coverage invokes when the cost of injuries and/or property damage exceeds the limit of the vehicle owner’s liability policy.

Occasional misuse of named, non-owner insurance coverage typically pertains to teenage drivers. In an attempt to save money, parents often inquire about excluding their teenager from the family policy instead of the more economically sound alternative of purchasing non-owner insurance coverage.

By attempting to skate around paying insurance costs for teenage drivers by only buying a non-owner insurance coverage policy typically marks a bad idea as non-owner insurance coverage simply provides additional liability when driving a vehicle you don’t own. If you elect to purchase only non-owner insurance coverage and not include your teenager on the policy, neither the non-owner insurance or your normal policy will cover the damage to the vehicle when involved in an accident. On the bright side, in the event of a two-car accident with the other driver at fault, you could still recover repair costs from that driver’s policy.

Another point to remember is you may find yourself unprotected financially if you are held liable for an accident caused by your teenager if they are still a minor. But, with the non-owner insurance coverage policy rated properly, the price of your teenager’s liability coverage could equal or exceed the cost if he or she were on your policy.

You might also find yourself unprotected financially if held liable for an accident caused by your child while he or she is still a minor. Finally, if the non-owner policy is rated properly, your teenager’s liability insurance might cost as much as or more than it would cost if he or she were on your policy.

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